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"WOW! I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to set up my email account so I would receive my emails from an email provider on outlook, followed all the instructions that the setup program walked me through, called numerous computer geek friends and nothing. No one could figure it out until I contacted HDM. It was painless. Within a few minutes they had me up and running. It was amazing. Thank you HelpDeskMasters. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family."
-Dennis Richmond Washington, NJ

The price is right! 

To cut right to the POINT, these guys know what they’re doing… they’re fair, they have GREAT Customer Service (they actually CARE), convenient via remote service and lets not forget, The price is right!  And we all know, that these days…all of the above are hard to come by within any service company.  I am a VICTIM of getting robbed with my eyes open by the “GEEK SQUAD” … last I checked, I paid a WHOPPING $450 and was not happy about it.  Just ask my kids…they got in big trouble. I was so pleased that I’ve turned 3 of my girlfriends onto
-Rhonda R. Roberts. Abington Pa

Within 20 minutes I had everything set up.

"I reached out to HelpDeskMasters for some advise with my MAC Book. I needed a wireless router without breaking the bank. They suggested a Netgear wireless router. The price couldn’t get any better. Once I brought the router home I then reached out to my internet provider to get help setting it up. There were major challenges; I was super stressed out. I decided to reach back out to HelpDeskMasters. They set me up with a remote session, which was so cool because Jerry was able to control my computer from his office. We then contacted my internet provider again and began a three way call to figure out how to setup the router with my internet provider. Within 20 minutes I had everything set up…the router and the wireless internet worked perfectly. I was so relieved!"
-Jenny G. Philadelphia

I highly recommend HelpDeskMasters.

"I needed a computer. I knew I needed a laptop, but didn't even know where to begin! I went to HelpDeskMasters. They asked me a few questions about my needs, and then gave me a few ideas so I would at least know what questions to ask when I went to buy!

Because of my job, I needed more than the "normal" programs on my computer. HelpDeskMasters helped me get the programs I needed on my computer and running properly. One of the programs is actually MS Dos based, but HelpDeskMasters was able to get it loaded and operating properly on my laptop!

HelpDeskMasters helped me get the latest virus protection on my computer, a top of the line photo editing program, and even set up a connection between my laptop and my work email account so I can access it from home!

I highly recommend HelpDeskMasters and will use their services again! They don't know it yet, but I recently became involved with an online radio station and will need even MORE help getting THAT set up! HelpDeskMasters can expect another call for "help" from me soon!"
-Tori Thomas Whitehall, Pa.

Saving me a A LOT of money

"I called HelpDeskMasters on several occasions. The most recent was probably the most life threatening as I was downloading several updates at once (Windows/Norton/MS Office) on my girlfriends home computer and one of the programs restarted when windows was still installing. I got the dreaded BLUE SCREEN.

Jerry assisted me in re-installing windows and doing a complete system restore. While I still got in trouble, I was not sleeping on the couch for weeks.

The second time is when my work laptop suffered from a corrupted hard drive. Jerry assisted me in recovering all of the data from it, and then sent me links for the best places to purchase. After I purchased, Jerry walked me through the install process. Saving me a A LOT of money that the geek squad was going to charge me. I will continue to use HelpDeskMasters and Jerry Abbate for my computer issues."
-Adam T. Philadelphia

I am very pleased.

"I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with  My family computer had been down for a while because of a virus.  My husband and I have very busy schedules, and we did not have the time to stop and take our computer into a shop to be fixed.  With just one phone call to HDM I allowed them remote access to my computer and HDM was able to remove the virus from my computer,  added virus protection on my system and walked me through reseating the video card on my system. I would highly recommend this company to anyone."
-Tara H. Philadelphia

...from start to finish it only took a few hours

"A few months back I bought a very intricate three in one printer that I wanted to connect to my wireless home network.  I read the instruction manual thoroughly and followed the directions to a T, however I was unable to connect the printer.  After months of frustration I began to search for a reliable and affordable local technical service that could help me with my printer. I decided to contact and realized that I should have done this at the outset.  Once I made the decision to contact all of my technical difficulties ended. I was contacted within a day, and within only a few hours my printer was connected to my wireless network. The best part of the who thing is that they worked around my schedule, and I didn't’t even have to leave my home.  Everything was done remotely!!!    With it was far easier than I expected, and from start to finish it only took a few hours. I was so pleased with the help that I received I have made a vow to contact HDM for all of my technical needs before I try to do it myself. Great job, and I will be recommending you to anyone I know who needs technical help."
-Janine B. Philadelphia

Overall the service is amazing.

"HelpDeskMasters is great.  Once we determined that nothing could be done to fix my old computer (water damage) they wanted to know my needs and day to day programs that I run on my computer.  They suggested a MacBook for me and I could not be happier.  They suggested the best MacBook for my needs and told me what to look for in the Apple Store. To make things even better they walked me through the file transfer process and answered all of my how to questions with my new computer. Overall the service is amazing.  I know that they can help me with anything and the price can not be beat.  I tell all of my friends about HelpDeskMasters."
-Ed R. Philadelphia

I would recommend them to anyone.

"I begin every day waking up and starting my Macbook pro. One day I started it up but there was a black screen! I started to panic since my livelihood relies on this laptop to work every day. I have experience with computers but had never run into this type of issue. I started my old pc and googled for some help and it led me to HelpDeskMasters. On their website I was able to open a ticket. It was pretty easy and didn't take long at all. Within no time I received a call and was able to explain my issue more in depth. He made me feel good that the problem could be fixed, and I would be back up and running in no time. After further diagnostics it was determined that it was a motherboard issue. Jerry took the time to look up the serial # of my laptop and found it was covered under a motherboard recall even though it was off the warranty. In a few days time I had a brand new motherboard and was back up and running. HDM saved me a ton of money and time. They really know what they're doing and blew me away with the amount of time it took them to get me back up and running. I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely be calling them again with my next computer issues. "
-Tony M. Philadelphia

It saved me an enormous amount of time.

"I can’t say enough about Jerry and HelpDeskMasters service and knowledge.  It has saved me incredible amounts of time (and time is MONEY).  His knowledge of various technical products and services has enabled me to be more efficient in my work not to mention a lot more creative.  Recently, Jerry helped me communicate with a relative by walking me through the steps  involved with the LOG ME IN application.  By doing so, I was able to assist my relative with their work in NY.  It saved me an enormous amount of time. I would have had to travel to NY.  Jerry’s ability to stop and train individuals who may be “computer illiterate” is a talent – one that I greatly appreciate.  I would not hesitate to recommend HDM to anyone who needs technical assistance with computer hardware or software." 
-Steve G. Ardmore, Pa

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